Web developer

(sorry for the cringy image)

I'll do small websites for $10 - This is mostly for portfolio building, which is why it's so cheap :)

I use mostly django, but I can do PHP too, since I know django can be hard to deploy, specially on shared hosting.

An example of what I have made is exactly this site - okcart! You can check my github on http://github.com/pta2002

When you are done, email me ([email protected]), message me on telegram (pta2002) or on discord (pta2002#1786) with a proof of purchase (purchase ID) and what you want to be made! If I refuse your offer, I'll give you the money back.

I will also provide support for all sites I create :)

(NOTE: Purchase ID is really only a temporary way of confirmation - other sellers, don't use it: you aren't able to get it, I get access with hacky admin access :P)

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