Forge of Gods: Beauties and the Beasts Pack (Steam Key) (DLC)

Are you ready for thrilling journey? The Beauties and the Beasts Pack is a great choice for the true adventurer to get a quick start in Forge of Gods!

List of incredibly powerful creatures you will get:

Gold-o-tron (max 7 stars)
Shadow Walker (max 7 stars)
Centaur - (max 7 stars)
Disciple of the Witches - (max 6 stars)
Orge Ghost - (max 6 stars)
Cunning thief - (max 6 stars)

Rush to FORGE your own GODS in this huge and dangerous fantasy world of Pangea!

You'll get your rewards after tutorial.
Tags: Free To Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy

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