Surprise Data Package

A data package, is an aggregated file, containing a lot of information and details, which can be jam-packed and full of surprises.
Such packages, have an amassment of data, which may be rare and have beneficial for all users.
You may come across a few surprises, this may be useful for cracking, including tested and confirmed accounts Combolists [Account Information], Random Stories, C++ or Pyth Coding, to even Codes from Credit Cards.
This Data Package contains a surprise in every purchase, with this a user, can use the data such as a combo list, in order to use it in the affiliated site.
All data is public domain, hence legal.
I as seller am not responsible for what you as buyer do with the data.
Not sure what you could do with the data? Lack tools to work with this data? Need an alternative way to pay?
Contact me on Discord: AltruisticAtheist

Price 50 OK
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Type Digital
Stock Unlimited
Seller Acuras_Data_Services


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